One platform

With Smart Buy you have one Shop to buy your goods. Hardware, office supplies and many more. We will add more and more categories and products in due-course and with your feedback the community will grow.

Save time & money

The best available price, negotiated for you. The more we are, the more we will save. Bundle your needs with others in your Coworking space and you will save up to 60% on the retail price!

procure you anything

You don´t find anything you may need on our platform? But be assured, if you need, e.g. marketing materials (Flyer, Roll-ups, business cards, etc.), just get in touch with us. From small goods, up to big projects, with a complete strategy.

How it works

A few simple steps to use Smart Buy – The purchasing alliance


Smart Buy is only available for business customers. Before you can purchase your goods with our conditions, you need to register your company. Of course, for free. After your registration you are able to see the prices and place orders.


Browse our shop for your needs, put them into the cart and check out. Just a few clicks. If there is a good you need not available, just get in touch with us and you will receive an individual offer. We procure you anything. We also support you within bigger projects with a call for bids.

Payment & Delivery

Good to know. The order you will receive straight from our suppliers. And the invoice you will also receive direct from our suppliers. We are supporting you in the background with our knowledge.


The registration is for free for any company. We keep the website and the shop basic and simple to reduce costs. Because of this, you will save even more money. So, please be gracious if there are some pictures, etc. which are not cropped perfectly. And at the moment, we are only available in English and German. The shop is only in English. Simple, but transparent.

Is it really for free?

Start-ups and small companies

You are a start-up or a small company? Then yes, it is 100% free. Only our additional services will be charged. Like the call for bids, analysis, consulting, training, etc.

You are less than 10 people and/or your revenue is below 250.000 EUR? Congrats, it is truly free.

Established, medium companies and corporates

You are an established or medium-sized company? Or a corporate? Well, then it is not completely for free. The registration, participation and customer service, of course, is. You have to pay a fee based on your spend and on your company size. The fee will be charged and invoiced the next month you used our platform and only then. Pay per use only.

Older than five years, more than 10 people or revenue over 250.000 EUR? Then your fee will be 5% of your total spend on our platform. More than 50 people and/or revenue over 1.000.000 EUR? Then your fee will be 10%. You are more than 250 people and/or your revenue is above 10.000.000. EUR? Please get in touch with us!

But please note, even if you have to pay a fee afterward, based on your spend, you will always save time and money!

What we are also doing for you

Your advantage is our expertise in procurement


You need a new strategy for your purchasing activities, your digitalization for Procurement 4.0 or to reduce and simplify processes? We are at your side


You need to understand new processes or strategies? You have implemented a new ERP or CRM? Educate your staff or new buyers? Understand new technologies like Blockchain? We are at your side


You do not have enough capacities or employees and your purchasing is a total mess, you doing maverick buying and you spend too much money? With our support in your background, we handle all your purchasing activities. We are at your side

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